Sunday, August 8, 2010

Japanese anyone? Top 5 websites

Is anyone out there learning Japanese?? I assume a lot of people are. I know I am studying Japanese, sometimes I uh, skip some study sessions, but I'm learnin alright??

   Anyway, for anyone that is studying Japanese, or even wants to start studying, here's one of those top w/e lists.

    This site is, well in the words of Koichi Tofugu, flashcards on crack. It's got a ton of stuff you can learn but you're just here for the Japanese right?
  First you learn some words, then you review the words. They have a dictation option as well that has a native speaker talk and then you have to type out what they said by ear. It's really good listening practice. They also have a mini game you can play to practice and you can make a list of vocabulary words you want to study!

#2: Lang-8

    This site is really great for solidifying stuff you've learned and writing practice. You write journal entries in the language you're studying (I assume Japanese if you're reading this) and then native speakers correct your mistakes. You can also correct other people's journal's who are learning your native language. There's nothing better than having a native speaker talk to you about the language!


     This site is a lifesaver for looking up kanji or other words. You guessed it, it's an online dictionary and it's really simple and easy to use which is always a plus.

#4: Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese

     Yes it's literally a guide to Japanese. Probably the closest thing you'll get to an online textbook (that's free). It explains pretty much everything about grammar and it even has practice exercises! Definitely look here if you need something explained.


    This site is similar to Tae Kim's guide, it's got a lot of grammar explained and the best part is probably the quiz's they have on there so go check it out!

That's all for now! seeya!