How do you know what to price your items? you probably have a price in mind already when you're done making your product already, but what if it's too high? too low? Here's a few rules of thumb when it comes to pricing your items:

   To start you might want to factor in the cost to make the print or keychain or whatever it is you make. How much did it cost you to make each print? How much was the paper, how much was photoshop, how much was your computer? Well ok maybe you don't have to factor in the price of the computer or photoshop cuz who the heck buys photoshop? hahaha!!! ..erm.. just kidding..

     Anyway, think about the cost of the paper you used, or how much the print shop charged you per print. What about the gas and the money you used to pay for the hotel? You might want to factor that in. And don't forget the effort and time you put in to make that picture or pair of earrings!
     But don't forget to make the price reasonable.

  I usually charge $5 for 8x10 prints and $7 for 11x17 prints. You can add or subtract from that price, but I think those prices are really the lowest anyone goes!
      Jewelry and keychain stuff like that I charge around $5-$6 and the same for DS cases. Ipod cases I part with for $3 mostly because I get all the fabric I use for those for free :)

Sometimes I'll have a set price for an item but no one seems to be buying it. Usually if the item isn't exactly flying off the shelf, I'll lower the price by $1 during dead time until the end of the convention. Sometimes I just want to get rid of some things!

     Also try to price things in whole numbers, like $5, $6, or $4.50. It's a lot easier to do math fast when it's simple numbers like that. Can you subtract $7.86 from $20 as fast as $5 from $20? Even if you do price with simple whole numbers make sure to bring a calculator! It may seem trivial but when you've been handling money all day you too, can get a brain fart.