Here's where I shall post pictures of the conventions we've been to!

Sprinfest 2011!

That's me as Yui Hirasawa (wearing a yellow jacket) doing caramelldansen! and at the end of the vid you see our table in the alley!

Castle Point Anime Convention 2010!

Me and Joao <3

Setting up the table..

a close up of the table!

our table drew some decent attention :)

Me and Mikuru!! This girl is a fellow artist and was really nice :)

WEEGEE!!! creepy..

Everyone loves Yotsuba :)

Me at the table, Vilsy off to the right dressed as Bulma!

Joao at the table with a thumbs up, so generic lol

Ash Ketchup :P

White Mage! I was pretty impressed with this cosplay

She is the one named Sailor Moon!

Kyogre. Awesome.

It's Team Rocket! RUN!!!

Raven looks like she wants to kick ass!

First picture! Me at our first artist alley table :) I told you it was crappy!

A Cloud cosplayer :)

Link and Tetra! One of my favorite Legend of Zelda games :)

The Lovely Princess Peach :)

Where ma Final Fantasy bitches at?? lol FF8 aww yeah

This Zant cosplay is totally AWESOME I ran after her so fast just to get a picture!

Ichigo! aww Katamari is such a good game :)

aaaand here's our table again, geek mythology next to us -wave-