About Me

      What about me you ask? oh, you want to know who's telling you all this stuff about anime and conventions, and artist alley, and cosplaying, and oh uh anyway, my name's dolphinwing. but you can call me dolphin!
       I hail from New York and I've been enjoying the anime scene for about 10 years now, ever since Pokemon came around in the U.S. :)

       I'm an artist, I go to art school, and I sell shit at anime conventions. It's a lot of fun so I'm gonna keep it up.

       Other than that I have a cat and I like the Miyazaki movies, although who doesn't? One of my favorite movies is Fight Club and I also love watching Roseanne, House and Family Guy! oh and some anime too ^^;

      is that enough about me for you? well it better be because Morel Orel is on and I wanna see what kind of godly trouble he gets himself into this time. seeya folks back at my blog! :)

     you can also check out my deviantart page right here :)