Monday, July 5, 2010

Reviewing Gainax anime on my other blog!

     Hi everyone! 

     Have a nice 4th of July? so my other blog is all about reviews and I was thinking of reviewing anime series by Gainax. and since this blog is about anime conventions, it only makes sense right? so here goes,

So lately I've been thinking that I should watch some Gainax series or watch ones I already watched over or actually finish watching..

      Well that's when I figured that I should watch every single Gainax series ever made.. and review each one... on this blog. The only series I won't review a lot is Evangelion since you can find tons of info about that fucked up thing all over the place so I'll focus more on unpopular series like Nadia, Abenobashi and princess yucie and also some even more unpopular ones lol.
   So anyway, I'm gonna go in chronological order so that means I'll start with Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water! By the way this is my favorite anime EVER.

well here's the list of anime by gainax according to wikipedia:


I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH ABENO haven't seen it in a long time ^^; anyway I'll also be doing other reviews in between these since anime takes awhile to watch. So look out for the "Gainax Review: -insert anime-" titles if you want to read the reviews. or if you just haven't watched said anime and want to see if it's any good before you watch. I'm doing the work for you! 

        To see the reviews (as I post them) check out my reviewing blog thing here:

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