Sunday, July 18, 2010

Suikoden Review!

      Hey all, I just played the RPG Suikoden!

Suikoden is a role playing game. You play as a kid with an imperial general for a father. When his dad goes up north (I think) you begin running errands for the empire. But what happens when a visit to a mysterious mage turns you into a liberation army leader??

   I liked Suikoden mostly because I love to play RPGs! I started a bit slow at the beginning but once I picked it up again after a week or so I couldn't put it back down!

 I liked this game because I thought it was pretty fast paced. The story goes along nicely, and there's still extra things you can do before progressing with the storyline as well! side quests if you will, since we all know RPGs would be bad without them!

     I also didn't think that the game was too hard or too easy, just right for someone like me. If a game is too easy you get bored, and if it's too hard, well be prepared to buy a new controller after chucking it against a wall..

    The game was also a decent length. I did not feel as if there should have been something more when I beat the final boss and I didn't think the game was dragged out too much.

  Something else I found interesting about it was the battles.. The game centers around war and fighting like most RPGs do, and so some of the battles were between large armies. You get an army and can control what they do, while the other side's tactics will be somewhat unpredictable. you know, to keep it interesting.

     Another cool thing about Suikoden is that you don't get magic per-see, you get items called runes. You attach the rune to a character, and then based on that character's stats, they get a bunch of spells to use in the battles! I thought that was a new concept to the magic thing :)

   Now for negatives about the game..
       hmm I think the only negative things I have to say are that some of the characters impose themselves on you. It's cool if it's part of the storyline and they gotta go in your party for a little while, but some of them are kind of annoying. Especially if you gotta have a level 1 guy in your party cuz he sucks and you never trained him, while the rest of your party is oh say, level 45.. yeah, annoying.
  Another annoying thing was the random battles. I know I know, random battles are an essential part of RPGs and leveling up!! I know, and that's ok. But sometimes in the game the random battles were a little too random. Like, a ton of monsters showing up every 5 seconds when you don't want to fight or are just tryin to get somewhere. and then, barely any monsters when you're actually trying to level up or get money.. yeah, annoying.

  Overall the game was cool, it has an interesting storyline with plenty of unpredictable twists! The characters have cool designs and there's pretty much a character for everyone. The battle systems are unique to other RPGs and there's plenty of stuff to do before progressing in the story. Also the graphics and music are great :)

 Over all I give Suikoden a.... 4/5!

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