Monday, June 28, 2010

Everybody Loves a Dead Guy!


yeah I said it! Kamina!! I don't know anyone who doesn't love Kamina.. and that is why he sold out at the last anime convention I went to! But not as a print.. No, I sold Kamina as... a bookmark!

    Bookmarks are convenient things no? even if you don't read actual books, no one wants to dog ear the pages in their precious manga! and who else would you want on your bookmark besides Kamina?
   I made a bunch of different bookmarks to sell at the convention including Pikachu, Link, Princess Peach and Zelda.

Bookmarks are another thing that are small and since they are actually useful, people will be willing to buy them. I sold my bookmarks for $1 each and I even had a special where if you buy 5 or more bookmarks they'll cost 50 cents each! Only a couple of people actually bought 5 bookmarks but that's ok for me cuz I'll get more money if they only buy 1 haha. So that is another thing you can sell if you're not crafty. And remember that you can sell whatever you want at an anime convention!

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