Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sharing a Table

    Have you ever shared a table with another artist or your friend? I always share a table with my cartoonist boyfriend Joao.

    Sharing a table is a really good idea, whether it's with another artist, your friend, or even your parent. although it's probably not a good idea to bring your rents to a convention in the first place..
      sharing a table has a lot of benefits! first of all you've got someone to watch the table for you if ya need a food or potty break, or just want to look at all the other pretty arts :)
plus sharing a table makes the day less boring at dead time!

sharing a table is fun but if you're sharing it with another artist can also be kind of a hassle.

since both my boyfriend and I are artists, sometimes he steals the spotlight :(
luckily our drawing skills are both around the same level and I also sell crafts so I have things to offer that he doesn't and vice versa so we both get customers. But if you're not careful about who you're sharing a table with, then you'll probably lose customers.
For example, if you're an amateur artist with work that kind of sucks, and the person you're sharing with is an expert and went to art school, guess who's gonna get more customers? yeeaaah

in other words, sharing a table with your friend = great company, watchdog for the table and money :)
sharing a table with another artist = be wary of skill sets, they might steal your customers

happy arting!

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