Monday, June 28, 2010

Soo, what do I draw??

     So you don't know what to draw huh? well I noticed that people like drawings that make them laugh or drawings that are cute. Although that doesn't always mean they'll buy it.

     let's take a look at my inventory book shall we? ah, eh herm..          Deviantart

The prints that sold the most were my Princess Peach, K-On, Jirachi, and Drifloon. As you can tell just from the names, those prints are of popular characters or pokemon. My partner Joao also sold most of his prints of Kirby, Link and pokemon like charizard.

    But those prints that sold the most? they were all pinups. Pinups are pictures that are designed and meant to hang on a wall and don't have to be funny or cute or whatever. Here's what my Princess Peach picture looks like -->
    As you can see, it is a simple pin-up of the princess looking regal and delicate.

My partner Joao also sold a lot of prints of the oh-so-popular Kirby with different hats on like this pikachu one

Both kirby and pikachu are pretty popular so this picture sold well especially to people who play Super Smash Brothers.
     There is also a rather funny picture of Link that almost everyone who was at least familiar with the character giggled and laughed at. How many prints did he sell of those? NONE. It's pretty surprising but somehow even though the picture shown to the right is funny, no one bought it.
I'm not sure if it is normal for this to happen but I think that people just want to have a nice picture of their favorite character that they can hang on the wall. And that is probably the reason why this picture of Link that Joao did sold out completely.

   Also one more thing about prints, try to draw a character that you like because then you'll enjoy doing it and people will be able to see the passion! I don't draw Naruto and Bleach cuz I just don't watch or like those shows. erm also if you can avoid drawing super totally popular characters like Naruto or L or something because well, everyone else will be doing the same thing! Try to draw a secondary character because there are fans of those other characters who will want to buy whatever pics they can find of that character.
People who bought my K-On picture commented on how Yui and Ritsu are less popular and everyone only likes Mio. Well I happen to love Yui and Ritsu because they are so silly and cute and Mio is too moe for me so fans of yui or ritsu would want to buy my K-On pinup because not only did it have their favorite character but Mio wasn't in there haha.

    So if you just haave to draw a popular character like Naruto, draw it really good! you'll probably be competing with at least one other artist.

As for me and Joao, you can visit us on our deviantart galleries!
      convenient link and another convenient link

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