Monday, June 28, 2010

ok, what should I make???

     If you don't draw or you like to do other arts and crafty things like sew or knit then you should make things!

    People don't always like buying prints.. especially if they've already bought so many at other cons that there's no room on their walls. Someone commented that there was no room for any more prints on his walls so he didn't want to buy prints. so for those people that don't like buying prints or don't want to spend $10 what can you do?

     I like to sew and work with clay, so in addition to prints, I make keychains and jewelry :)

People love to buy items that are tangible, that they can hold and look at all the sides of. That's not to say a print isn't tangible.. but a print is just a piece of photo paper with artwork on it. Yeah you hang it on the wall and it's very pretty and stuff yes. But to be honest, I've never bought a print. I want to buy a print yes, but I want a print that I just must have! Otherwise I don't really want to spend $10 on something I can just print out from the person's website.

     No what I really love to buy from other artists, is stickers and buttons. They're perfect. Small, you can put them virtually anywhere you want, carry them around with you, and when it comes to stickers I like putting em on my bedroom door :)

      Now that's not to say that you absolutely must buy a button machine and some fancy sticky paper to print on to make stickers. Unless you really want to and you think you can make some good money with it. No there are other things you can make that are small and that people like.

Now where's that remote.. what? oh you want me to elaborate? oh sorry.. well let's see, let's start with telling you what I do instead of selling buttons and stickers.
    I make things like jewelry, charms, DS and Ipod cases.

Here's a picture of a charm I made
Now this charm you can put on your phone, DS, or your keychain!

I also make jewelry with clay, like necklaces and bracelets. The most popular jewelry I sell are earrings, and I also provide clip-on versions of the earings I sell just in case :)

Here's a picture of a set of earrings I made that are Sega Genesis controllers.

I also sold some cases for a DS and Ipod. There are a lot of people who own a DS at these conventions so it's pretty good if you have some DS cases y'know, just lying around :)

again a picture of a DS case I sell at conventions for your convenience.

Remember, a lot of people don't want to spend too much money at your table. And not everybody wants to buy a print. Small things that are around $5 will sell very quickly especially because who doesn't like a keychain? so you could try to make something small to sell that is relatively cheap. Most people will at least buy a small thing especially if they like the stuff at your table and they want something to remember you :)

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